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Let me create your local business website - beautiful, modern, secure, & mobile-optimized to work on any device

  • Purchase a website for as little as $2400 
  • FREE search engine optimization (SEO) 
  • FREE website security


Save money:
A basic 4 or 5 page website (like this one) only costs $2400.  That's a one time fee.  Our prices are low—not—cheap.  We use state of the art content managment software to create, host, and maintain your website.  You get 4 free website updates every year.  After that, updates cost $35 each. Hosting and domain registration cost $240 a year.  That's only $20 per month after your initial purchase!

Increase your business: 
Who uses the 'Yellow Pages' anymore?  Everybody's using their smart phone to search for products and services they're interested in.  Your website will help people find your business. 

Our goal:
Provide low cost website design for local businesses, using technology that connects local businesses with more customers.

Why you need your own website

The internet has become one of the most important marketing tools. About 85% of all internet users search online before purchasing a service, product, or anything else they're interested in. This means, if you're selling something—and don't have a website—you're missing potential customers. It doesn't matter which industry you're in.


The mobile web is here...

...and more than 80% of all websites are not prepared for it!

According to a study done by, surfing on mobile devices is increasing every year.  More and more people will be surfing the web via mobile devices every year.  The chart below shows this trend from 2013 to 2015.  The gap keeps growing wider.  In February 2017 on ABC News Tonight T-Mobile CEO John Legere said:

"Over 80% of access to the internet is mobile."

What's exciting for you, is that many websites belonging to large online competitors are not optimized for mobile devices. This means many large retail and service providers are not keeping up with the mobile trend. Use this to your advantage by having a mobile-friendly website.

The advantages of our websites at a glance:

Perfect for mobile devices
The website adapts to any screen size (responsive design) and is thus always automatically optimized for mobile devices like tables and smartphones.

Search engines will love you
Your website is SEO-friendly and programmed according to the newest standards. Even the content can be optimized down to the last detail.

Fast and always available
Your website is hosted in the Amazon Cloud. As a result, we can guarantee fast loading times, constant online accessibility and hourly backups.

Flexible and adaptable
Would you like to change content on a regular basis? Your website is programmed very flexibly, so that content can be added or changed easily.


Our services
Search engine optimization (SEO), social media, web design, webhosting, and much more. With us, you will receive competent and extensive services!

Your website with inCMS
Practical: Edit your website directly online, whenever and wherever you like. Intuitive and easy to use, even without prior experience!

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